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Cash NOT Coupons Try ibotta

 Ibotta allows you to earn cash each time you shop and have FUN interacting with the Brands you love

Here’s how:

Before shopping, choose your offers by completing tasks in the Ibotta Product Gallery.

Tonight I needed to pick up toilet paper at the store.  In the ibotta app I saw the Brand we use * Quilted Northern*

I could earn .25 for Learning a fact, another .25 for playing trivia and another .25 for taking a short poll.  Total $ .75

After I buy the product,I will need to take a picture of the receipt which I do at the store using my iphone ..That’s it

After a few shopping trips I redeem* the money I earned and ibotta deposits the money I earned in my paypal account.

It’s that easy..and it’s  FUN


Get $10 for Trying Ibotta

Ibotta is a fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop. Check the Ibotta app for Product Offers, Bonuses, new Store Extras and more. Join today and get the $10 Share The Love Bonus.

So download Ibotta today – You earned it!

Click here to find out more

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