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Mystery Shopping : The Real Deal

Mystery Shopping : The Real Deal

I speak from personal experience here. I have been a Mystery Shopper for about 5 years now.

What it is: Mystery shoppers go into businesses as customers. They interact with employees, make a purchase
and possibly a return, then fill out an evaluation form describing what happened during their visit.

Any business which deals with the public may use mystery shoppers-stores, restaurants, banks, hotels,
salons, home builders, apartment complexes, gas stations, casinos, auto dealers, auto service centers, movie
theaters, health clubs, pet stores, amusement parks, optical providers and more. You can get paid to get
your hair cut or your eyes examined, have dinner, go to the bank, have your car worked on or fill up the gas
tank, watch a movie, get your dog groomed, and lots of other things you like to (or have to) do.

As a Mystery Shopper you get paid per shop. Every Company I have ever shopped for pays via paypal

There are literally hundreds of Mystery Shopping Companies which is why I am a member of Shadowshopper. is a niche job board specifically for Mystery shopping, Demonstrating, Auditing and Merchandising jobs.

For me Mystery Shopping has been a great way to get paid* to do things I would have paid to do anyway.
Money saved is indeed money saved OR spent somewhere else : )…

I have done Mystery Shops for Restaurants, Pizza Delivery, various fast food restaurants, Eye Glass exam,
Oil changes, car wash, Ice Cream stores. Last week I did a Mystery Shop to get my broken iphone screen fixed. This was great because it’s a pricy repair so it was nice to not only get reimbursed for the cost but also get paid $10.00 to have it done.
Another favorite, Casino shops : ) I did a casino shop last month that paid $50.00 and had reimbursement for up to $100.00 for food,Drink and playing the slots. Twist my arm why don’t you : ) I did have to lay out the money on the day I went ,but it felt great to come home,submit my report,along with the receipts knowing in a couple of weeks I would get a payment via paypal for $150.00…My fun time at the casino completely paid for. I of course spent the entire amount I could get reimbursed for ,plus I got paid $50.00 for having a great day.

I love going to the movies,so I do as many Movie theater shops as I can.
For the last theater shop I did the payout was
Shop Fee: $10.00
Expenses: $20.75 ( Company would have paid my expenses up to $25.00 for food purchase ,plus movie tickets)
TOTAL PAID: $30.75

shadowshopper logo

I would suggest signing up for the free account at Shadowshopper to see what positions are available in your area. I upgraded the first day to the premium paid membership. Even after 5 years I still subscribe because there are always new Mystery shop Companies and if I searched all day on google I would most likely find just one or two Companies. With Shadowshopper I know that seeking out every Mystery Shopping and demonstrating Company and job opening is their core business so it’s worth it to me to save the hours of searching.
I paid for my yearly membership my first weekend with a Mystery Shop at Panera bread and an eye Glass exam shop.

Sign up with Shadow Shopper, the largest source of mystery shopping jobs on the planet.

Sign up for the free account at Shadowshopper

If you have any questions about Mystery Shopping,please leave a comment and I will be happy to reply. : )

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